Du 26  septembre au 9 octobre 2015

The twenty-ninth edition of the Florence International Biennial Antiques Fair –BIAF – will be held from 26 September to 4 October. 88 dealers in ancient and modern art, including 27 foreign antiquarians, will come to Palazzo Corsini

sull'Arno to display scrupulously selected works of impeccable quality.

There will be major comebacks, such as Jean-Luc Baroni, London, as well as illustrious new entries including Otto Naumann Ltd, New York and Dr. Joern Guenther Rare Books AG, one of the world’s leading dealers in books and prints, with galleries in Stalden and Basel, as well as welcome endorsements from habitués such as Mullany, London, De Jonckheere, Paris and Geneva, Cesare Lampronti, London and Rome and Robilant+Voena, Milan and London.

An increasing focus on modern art is embodied in the new entries of Galleria Tega of Milan, the Galleria Frediano Farsetti of Florence and Tornabuoni Arte, Florence, Milan and Paris, joining Sperone Westwater of New York which has already been present at several recent editions.


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